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Popol Vuh
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About Anna Holloway: editor, professor of English, university administrator


I have instructed English, including composition, literature, creative writing, editing, research and business communication, at Fort Valley State University for over 30 years. I served as Dean of Graduate Studies and Extended Education from 2006-2014, and I recently retired from the university. My Ph.D. is in English literature from Kent State University. I have edited for Headway Magazine, publishers, dissertation writers, academic writers, autobiographers, novelists, and non-fiction book authors. I completed the University of Denver Publishing Institute. Email me if you wish to discuss hiring me as your editor or as a consultant. Learning materials posted on this site may be viewed by my students and colleagues and any other interested parties.

About the learning modules

The first learning materials under construction on arh-pursuit.com may be used for a comprehensive Survey of British Literature.

In addition, materials on Olmec civilization and the Quiche' Mayan Popol Vuh are available.


Learning objects on other courses will follow.