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Ancient Mexico and Popol Vuh

Ancient Mexican Cultures


Ancient Mexican civilizations and other Pre-Columbian civilizations have as their foundation the older Olmec civilization just as Rome and later Western civilizations have ancient Greece as their foundation. (Find out more at http://www.mexicodesconocido.com )

On this arh-pursuit site you are visiting now,

  1. you will be introduced to basic themes of ancient Mexican and other Pre-Columbian civilizations (click to see Twins , common to Pre-Columbian civilizations),
  2. you will be challenged to discuss and understand through learning activities, and
  3. you will have opportunities to view photographs of ancient Mexican artifacts taken in Veracruz  State.
    (The photo on this page is of a ball court at El Tajin. Click  to see more ball court photos.)

A ball court at El Tajin

Ball Courts