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ARH Editing & Consulting

I can provide editing of several kinds and become involved in your project to various degrees: 

  • proofreading
  • line editing: suggestions for wording, tightening of style and corrections
  • macro-editing: suggestions for reorganization, a change in style to communicate with intended audience, additions and deletions (after approval of changes by the writer, the next step would be line editing)
  • ghost-writing

Editing jobs I have successfully completed for clients in the past include:

  • proofreading for a monthly magazine
  • rewriting and updating of a book for young adults for a publishing house
  • line-editing of a dissertation on computer processors and line-editing of various academic articles in economics and political science
  • macro-editing of an academic book on the teaching of guidance counseling
  • macro-editing of biographies, an anthology of biographical essays, several novels, and several non-fiction books



We will agree on an hourly rate of compensation. I will log time spent. I can edit online or you may mail me the hard copies.

You will receive a rough estimate and we will agree to the terms (i.e., payment and deadlines), via email. In most cases, you will submit a deposit (1/2 the total amount), and I will send you an invoice for the remaining 1/2 when I have completed the editing job. Payment is due upon receipt of the edited manuscript.

Typical fee structure (fees are dependent upon quantity and complexity of editing required):

Proof-reading and line-editing: 1-32 pages: $30/hour

33+ pages: $3/page

Consultation,copy-editing, and ghost writing: TBA

Method of payment:

Cash, Check or money order: usually 1/2 at time of order; 1/2 at acceptance and delivery of edited copy